How to use slack on a mobile device without the application (using a browser)

Recently, we had to use slack to join a workspace but could not use their mobile application for reasons..

When we logged in to the workspace website it would only show us the settings of the workspace and it would prompt us to download the application.

The way we bypassed it was:

  1. to request “Desktop Site” from our browser,
  2. then navigate to the conversation channels and
  3. finally disable the “Desktop Site” mode so that we could get the responsive (mobile friendly) version on our screen!

It is not amazing but it works!

To request the “Desktop Site” from FireFox:

Some websites may appear or function differently from mobile to desktop. Firefox for Android lets you switch between desktop and mobile view:
– Open the page you want to view in Firefox.
– Tap the menu button.
– Toggle the switch next to Desktop site to turn it on and off.

From: http://mzl.la/1xKt6XL

iPhone asking for Passcode before adding one! – Phone locked

While setting up a new iPhone, at the step where you are supposed to type your new Passcode, we let the screen lock. When trying to unlock it it was asking for the Passcode to unlock! Since we never gave it a Passcode that made it impossible to unlock the phone. We tried using the iCloud password with no success..

Please note that we created an iCloud account from the iPhone on the setup process and used a phone number to verify the ownership. When trying to sign in to the iCloud, we got an error that the password is not correct. While trying to recover that password, we’ve verified the password by SMS but we clicked that we do not have the option to used the iCloud account to verify the ownership.

Even though we clicked that we do not have access over the account, it notified us that it will use that account to contact us!!

Cyprus Radio Frequencies for cars imported from Japan

If you are having trouble with the radio of your car that was imported from Japan and you cannot tune in to your favorite radio stations you might have to do a little math!

On many cars that were imported from Japan it seems that to tune in to the station you like you need to subtract from the frequency 16Mhz. For example, if the station you are interested in is broadcasting at 97.2Mhz you will have to set your car radio to 81.2Mhz to listen to it.

A list of frequencies will follow soon.

Lock-down pro-tip to save the battery of your car

Most cars (if not all) consume energy even when they are parked, with the engine off and no visible systems working. Electrical systems including the clock and on-board computer systems drain the battery little by little until they completely empty it.

When the energy level in a battery is low, it might prevent it from being capable to start your car and you will need a boost to get your car running again. In worse scenarios, batteries that are completely drained can get damaged and they need to be replaced.

Therefore, if you do not move your car for a long period (like during the lock-down period), then the extended lack of use might damage the battery and cause it to need replacement.

Simple Solution

Check the operation manual of your car or contact your dealer prior to disconnecting the battery. (We are not sure if there is a car out there that would not like having its battery removed)

Disconnect the battery from you car to stop the energy draining.
To do so remove the cable from the negative port (has the minus sign "-" and is usually black colored).

Do not let the negative and positive cable exposed metal ends touch under any circumstances.