What is my IP ?

You appear to be visiting this site from the following IP address:

An Internet Protocol address (IP  address) is a numerical label attached to a network enabled device that is used to contact that device over network. The label is used just like a street address that determines the recipient of a letter. When you connect to a website or other online service, you inform those services that they can find you at that  IP. Usually the IP that will be shown to an online service is the IP of the routing device that you are using to connect to the internet (like the router at home or at school/work). This means that if a hundred people connect to an online service from the same school network, then the online service will know only one IP for all of those users. In the case of 3G enabled devices, then the previous statement is not valid and the IP that will be shown to the online services is the actual IP of you device.


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