What kind of nut do I need to fit a camera tripod screw?

To attach a camera to a tripod, you typically need a nut with a 1/4-inch-20 thread, the standard size for most camera tripod mounts. This size means the nut has a 1/4-inch diameter and 20 threads per inch. Some larger cameras and equipment may use a 3/8-inch-16 thread, but this is less common for standard cameras. Make sure to check your specific camera’s requirements to ensure compatibility.

You can use the conversion factor where 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters to convert the inch values to centimeters. Here are the conversions:

  • 1/4 inch = 0.25×2.540.25 \times 2.540.25×2.54 = 0.635 cm
  • 3/8 inch = 0.375×2.540.375 \times 2.540.375×2.54 = 0.9525 cm

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