Error mounting filesystem

After installing the ewf-tools the right way on a GNU/Linux Ubuntu machine, we executed the following command to create the ewf1 mounting point for our .E01 image:

mkdir /mnt/ewf;
ewfmount ./DISK.E01 /mnt/ewf/;

After the operating system created the mounting point, we opened the ewf1 file that appeared in /mnt/ewf/ using the Gnome Disk Image Mounter. This action made a new entry in the Gnome Disks Utility, showing our new disk.

After clicking on the play button (labeled Mount selected partition) we got the following error:

We then tried to use the terminal to gain more control over the mounting parameters. To proceed with the following commands, we copied the Device value, which was /dev/loop54p3 in this case.

$ mkdir /mnt/loc;
$ sudo mount /dev/loop54p3 /mnt/loc;
mount: /mnt/loc: cannot mount /dev/loop54p3 read-only.
$ sudo mount -o ro /dev/loop54p3 /mnt/loc;
mount: /mnt/loc: cannot mount /dev/loop54p3 read-only.
$ sudo mount -o ro,loop /dev/loop54p3 /mnt/loc;
mount: /mnt/loc: cannot mount /dev/loop58 read-only.
$ sudo mount -o ro,loop -t ext4 /dev/loop54p3 /mnt/loc;
mount: /mnt/loc: cannot mount /dev/loop58 read-only.
$ sudo mount -o ro,norecovery,loop -t ext4 /dev/loop54p3 /mnt/loc;

The command that worked for us was the following:

sudo mount -o ro,norecovery,loop -t ext4 /dev/loop54p3 /mnt/loc;

The parameter that did the trick was norecovery. norecovery/noload instructs the system not to load the journal on mounting. Note that if the filesystem was not unmounted cleanly, skipping the journal replay will lead to the filesystem containing inconsistencies that can lead to any number of problems. This problem occurred because the machine did not shut down properly before it had its image cloned, so after we mount, we might not get the latest state of the disk.

ewf-tools and Ubuntu 1

Recently, we installed the ewf-tools package from the Ubuntu repositories:

sudo apt-get install ewf-tools;

When we tried to use it, we got the following errors:

ewfmount ./DISK.E01 /tmp/disk/
ewfmount 20140807

Unable to open source image(s)
libcdata_internal_array_resize: invalid entries size value exceeds maximum.
libcdata_array_resize: unable to resize array.
libmfdata_list_resize: unable to resize elements array.
libewf_segment_file_read_volume_section: unable to resize chunk table list.
libewf_handle_open_read_segment_files: unable to read section: volume.
libewf_handle_open_file_io_pool: unable to read segment files.
libewf_handle_open: unable to open handle using a file IO pool.
mount_handle_open: unable to open file(s).

To fix the issue, we uninstalled ewf-tools then installed the following packages:

sudo apt remove ewf-tools;
sudo apt-get install libfuse-dev libfuse2 uuid-dev lbzip2 python3-wchartype;
sudo apt-get install ewf-tools;

Finally, we reinstalled ewf-tools , and this time they worked!


We also downloaded the latest version from the repository, built the code, and tried to use that package with the same result. The code from the repository had the same problem, which worked after we installed the packages mentioned above. For this reason, we believe the problem is not a matter of the version but rather a matter of configuration and dependencies.