[GitLab.com] Get a list with the names of all repositories in your account

GitLab.com offers a public API that allows us to get information related to our accounts. One of the API calls available is the account projects call (http://gitlab.com/api/v3/projects).

This call will return a JSON object describing the projects available to your account.

To get a list of the names of the projects available to you, you can use the following:

TOKEN="PASTE_YOUR_PRIVATE_TOKEN_HERE"; PREFIX="ssh_url_to_repo"; curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $TOKEN" http://gitlab.com/api/v3/projects | grep -o "\"$PREFIX\":[^ ,]\+" | xargs -L1 basename | awk -F '.' '{print $1}'

The above code will bring the JSON object, filter out everything except for the “ssh_url_to_repo” member of each project and then it will print it out on screen.


To get the above code working: the GitLab API requires that you use a token that is related to your account instead of using your credentials to make the call to the API.

To get your private token, visit this page http://gitlab.com/profile/account , the private token is the random sequence of characters in the white box:

[GitLab.com] Private TokenYou need to copy that value in the place of the variable TOKEN in the above script.


In case you have a lot of projects (more than 10), the default call will only produce the results for the first 10 repositories only.

To list all available repositories you have two options:

  1.  Set the per_page query parameter to a value big enough to fetch all your projects information if they are less than 100. e.g http://gitlab.com/api/v3/projects?per_page=100
  2. Follow the link headers from the initial response to make all the next calls.

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