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About IEEEXtreme 14.0

IEEEXtreme is a global programming competition where IEEE students compete against each other in small teams.The competition has an unconventional timespan which lasts 24 hours and it will start on the 24th of October 00:00 (UTC +0) for everyone around the globe.

During that period the teams are asked to solve algorithmic challenges using their programming language of preference.
The competition platform supports more than 20 different programming languages, including all the popular ones.
This is making it easier for the majority of students to compete as all common programming languages taught at school are covered.

We strongly encourage all students to join the IEEEXtreme as the challenges set contains challenges of all kinds of difficulty levels.
There will be for sure challenges that can be solved by junior students and some mind boggling challenges for the advanced and experienced students.

If you are a junior student, by joining early you will get experience on how to handle the workload with your team members and perform efficient time management based on your skill set.
This participation will allow you to improve as a team for the years to come and greatly improve your ranking in the future.

Each team can be composed of up to 3 people so start building your team and register at!
We hope to see you soon in the biggest programming competition of IEEE which is composed of ~10.000 contestants and several hundreds of volunteers around the world!

To know more about the IEEEXtreme and how to prepare visit our site ( or hear it from the people that are creating the competition on the stream “IEEEXtreme Uncut: Behind the Scenes” (

IEEEXtreme Uncut: Behind the Scenes. [Live-Stream]

The IEEEXtreme executive committee would like to invite you all to our upcoming live stream at

During this event the 2020 IEEEXtreme Executive Committee will give student members an interactive “sneak peek” into the history, preparation, and fun the volunteer leadership is planning and executing for our flagship contest for student members across the globe.
During the 24 hour contest the committee feeds up the challenges, this live streamed event is your chance to challenge them with questions about this year’s contest on October 24.

Live Stream Link:

Registration Page:

Date and Time: 17 September, 1:00 pm EDT

Little facts about IEEEXtreme

2006: there was a local qualification round at each University.
2008: the local qualification round was made invalid about a week before the competition so a lot of Universities had already hosted their local competitions for nothing… It was a good practice session for the optimists.

No competition was hosted in 2007 as it was too much effort for the committee to evaluate by hand the submissions of the 44 teams which included using dead programming languages and writing poems.

2009 – 2012 no professional support on the grader (volunteers only). System would occasionally crash and judges would have to monitor the system constantly to reset the various modules that would get stuck.

After 2013 free t-shirts for everyone had to stop with the increase of the expenses and thus one of the major reasons for the decrease.