Daily Archives: 24 April 2018

GNU/Linux Fedora 27: Prevent Network Manager from restarting after reboot 1

Recently we were working on a Fedora 27 GNU/Linux box where we needed to completely disable the Network Manager.
Initially, we just stopped the NetworkManager service and then disabled it thinking that it would be enough.
To our surprise after we rebooted the box, we noticed that the Network Manager was active again!

After some research we found out that another service called NetworkManager-wait-online was starting the NetworkManager as some sort of recovery mechanism.
So, in order to permanently block NetworkManager from starting on boot, we disabled NetworkManager-wait-online as well.

In the end our solution to disable the NetworkManager service came down to executing the following commands as root (or using sudo):

systemctl stop NetworkManager;
systemctl stop NetworkManager-wait-online;

systemctl disable NetworkManager;
systemctl disable NetworkManager-wait-online;

Anonabox Pro – Set Root Password On Initial Setup

The following video demonstrates how to setup the root password for a new (or recently flashed) Anonabox Pro.

  1. Connect to the device via the LAN Ethernet port.
    It has a DHCP server by default so you do not need to configure the IP.
    After you get connected, go to the default location of the device interface, which is
  2. After the interface loads, click on the Login button without entering a password (if you enter one, it will be ignored).
  3. Then go to the top menu System and select the option Administration
  4. At the new page, under the category Router Password enter the password you wish to use both at the Password and Confirmation fields.
  5. Finally, click on the Save & Apply button and wait for the changes to get applied, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page under the top menu.