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Windows XP: Extend evaluation period (Not a permanent solution)

Recently, an old machine running Windows XP SP3 had its hard disk replaced, since then the OS decided that the license was not valid and considered itself to be in a trial/evaluation 30 days period.
Since the activation/validation services of Windows XP got discontinued we could not reactivate the current setup using the internet.
We tried a few times to activate via phone but it failed as well..

Temporary Solution (mitigating the problem)

To give us some time to think about a solution, whenever Windows XP would say that the evaluation period was expired, we would boot into safe mode and then run this command rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupOobeBnk (in cmd.exe or in the Run option that is in the Start menu) that allows you to reset the evaluation period for up to 4 times (and if used properly will give you 150 days in total to find a solution).

Actual Solution

In the end, we used the installation CD to downgrade the installation using the repair option, then we tried the telephone activation again and it worked!
Although Windows XP was not complaining any more, that caused us some problems with the antivirus, as a shared system library (DLL) that was replaced was not compatible with the antivirus.
To resolve this issue, we booted the machine using a GNU/Linux live CD and replaced the library (DLL) from a backup that was in the old disk.

Warning: Downgrading the system using the installation CD most probably re-enabled old exploits and hacks making the system less secure.
Keep this information in mind as you cannot re-apply the updates to the system not even the security updates any more.

Λόγοι για τους οποίους ασχολήθηκα με την Επιστήμη Υπολογιστών και την Πληροφορική

  • Από νεαρή ηλικία, το βρήκα πολύ ενδιαφέρον
  • Έχω έναν καλό φίλο που με στήριξε σε όλη τη διαδρομή
  • Είναι διασκεδαστικό και προκλητικό!
  • Υπάρχουν τόσα πολλά διαφορετικά θέματα, μόλις βαρεθείτε από ένα, μπορείτε να μεταβείτε στο επόμενο
  • Υπάρχουν νέα θέματα και προκλήσεις σχεδόν καθημερινά
  • Είναι κάτι που μπορείτε να διδάξετε στον εαυτό σας (ειδικά σήμερα που υπάρχει τόσο πολύ δωρεάν υλικό online)

Reasons I got involved in Computer Science and Informatics

  • From a young age, I found it very interesting
  • I have a good friend that supported me all the way
  • It is fun and challenging!
  • There are so many different topics, once you get bored of one you can skip to the next
  • There are new topics and challenges almost every day
  • It is something that you can teach yourself (especially nowadays that there is so much free material online)