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Bash function to execute any command multiple times

#takes 2 parameters:
# 1 - the number of time you can to execute the loop
# 2 - the action to call
# Executes a command multiple times
  for ((x = 0 ; x <= $ITERATIONS ; x++)); do

Example use:

xloop 3 date +"%Y-%M-%d"

On-screen clock/count down/counter (version 3, Java)

We ported the original watch from AutoHotKey to Java.

UPDATE: Click here  Watch v3 - Windows executable (1471 downloads) to download the application with a Windows launcher.

You can download the Java Jar version from this link : Watch v3.0 Java (364 downloads)

It started being used in the 106th IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting that was held at the Fairmont Monte Carlo in Monaco on 19-20 of March 2016.

Key features

  • You can change the icon that appears in the task bar by placing an gif file with the name watch.gif in the config directory of the executable
  • You can drag the watch to a more convenient place with the mouse
  • You can move the watch using the arrow keys. Using the shift key it makes the movement more precise. Using the control key it makes the movement faster.
  • Double clicking on the watch it will hide it
  • Double clicking on the tray menu icon of the watch it will toggle it’s visibility
  • From the menu on the task bar you can “Set it on top”, allow mouse to click through the clock, hide/show the gui
  • You can set the color of the Font and the Color of the background using a color picker
  • You can set the transparency of the GUI
  • The tool has two modes, it can operate as a clock that shows time in 24 hour mode or AM/PM and can operate as a count down tool (timer)
  • The timer mode allows you to pause (and continue), reset and stop the time, reset and continue the time (using lap) or zero the clock

Good willed feedback is always welcome