On-screen clock/count down/counter

This is the version that is used for IEEE Region 8 Committee meetings.

Watch (2215 downloads)

Update: Source code available here

Key features

  • You can change the ico that appears in the task bar by placing an ico file with the name watch.ico in the same directory as the executable (or the source)
  • You can drag the watch to a more convenient place
  • Double clicking on the watch it will hide it
  • Double clicking on the icon of the watch it will toggle it’s visibility
  • From the menu on the task bar you can “Set it on top”, allow mouse to click through the clock, hide/show the gui
  • You can set the color of the Font and the Color of the background using a color picker
  • You can set the transparency of the GUI
  • The tool has two modes, it can operate as a clock that shows time in 24 hour mode or AM/PM and can operate as a count down tool (timer)
  • The timer mode allows you to pause (and continue), reset and stop the time, reset and continue the time (using lap) or zero the clock

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