Enable C++11 standard for GCC on Eclipse CDT

When using Eclipse CDT to write C++, we noticed that it did not enable by default the C++11 standard. Following the steps below, we added the -std=c++11 flag on the GCC C++ Compiler command line arguments enabling the standard for our use.

  1. From the main window of Eclipse, on the list on the left, where your projects are listed, right click on your project and then click Properties from the new menu
  2. In the new window, navigate from the list on the left and expand the C/C++ Build option to view its children and then click the Settings item
  3. In the middle of the window, you will see a new list, expand (if needed) the item GCC C++ Compiler and click on the Miscellaneous child
  4. On the right, a text box named Other Flags will appear, append -std=c++11 to the list of tokens in the box as seen in the image below
  5. Click on the Apply button for the effects to take place and then the OK button to close the properties window

Next time you compile, the -std=c++11 flag will be present on your compiler command line and the C++11 standard will be used.