Some amazing IEEE magazines for good reads

ComputingEdge magazine by IEEE Computer Society

At the following link (https://www.computer.org/web/computingedge/current-issue) you will find all of the issues of the ComputingEdge magazine of IEEE.

This publication is produced by the Computer Society and we believe you will find it to be very interesting to read.

ComputingEdge curates the hot technology knowledge from the 13 leading technology publications of Computer Society, plus adds unique original content, and makes it available in a single experience. The features and columns in ComputingEdge always emphasize the newest developments and current trends. ComputingEdge keeps you up to date by showing you what’s hot and what you need to know across the technology spectrum. It’s both an informative and an enjoyable read. ComputingEdge caters to your need-to-know key information about all aspects of the technology arena so you can make integrated decisions regarding your areas of specialty.

Modified from: https://www.computer.org/web/computingedge/

We’ve been reading this magazine for some time now and there is always a couple of articles that get our attention.


How to convert ppsx and pps to ppt/pptx/pdf with Microsoft Office 1


Method A) You can right click on the ppsx/pps file and then click New, this will open a new presentation in PowerPoint with the contents of the ppsx/pps show.
Following, you can modify the document and save it to the desired format.

Method B) You can start the PowerPoint application, go to the File menu and then select Open from the menu on the right, navigate to your ppsx/pps file and open it. After you make your modifications save it to the desired format.

Video Examples

This video demonstrates how to convert a PPSx (PowerPoint show) file to a PDF.

The following video demonstrates how to open a ppsx and a pps file using PowerPoint in a way that you will be able to edit them.