Some comments / a review on Huawei Color Band A2

Recently we got a Huawei Colot Band A2 as a gift from CyTA. Since it was free, we decided to give it a go. Below are our initial comments on it:


  • It is very light and easy to use.
  • The screen is very big and easy to read.
  • It is fairly good looking.
  • The brightness is strong enough to be used even in sunny conditions.
  • It seems that it supports Unicode as we saw non-ANSI characters on the display.


  • Despite the name, the screen is not a multi-colored screen and it only shows one color.
  • It was designed to be worn on the left hand only as the message preview functionality does not allow you to rotate the text on the other side and make it usable on the right hand as well.
  • Date on the screen uses the US style even if the rest of the settings were set to metric system.
  • You cannot view the time unless you dismiss all notifications. This applies to notifications already dismissed on the phone as well. So when driving it is kind of annoying as you have to long press the screen to dismiss the messages before you can view the time.
  • Communication range between the band and the Mi Band 2 is much shorter.
  • When displaying a message it does not display the application icon. It uses generic bubble icon.
  • Sometimes, when receiving a call even after answering the phone the vibration on the watch it does not stop, if you accidentally swipe up to make the vibration stop, it hangs up the phone while you talk..
  • When receiving a call it does not show the name nor the number of the caller.

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