Delete a paste from a private hosted Stikked installation

To delete a paste from a Stikked installation that you have database access do the following:

Visit the post you like to delete: e.g
From this URI we need to get the part after view which is the pid (paste ID) of the paste you want to delete. In this case we get 267c4d64.

Then, you need to login to your MySQL DB. In case you are connecting via a terminal you would be using a similar command to this:

mysql -D MY_DB -h MY_HOST -u MY_USER -p

Replace MY_DB, MY_HOST and MY_USER with your credentials, afterwards you will be prompted for you password (if any).

Once in the MySQL console, issue the following:

DELETE FROM `pastes` WHERE `pid` = "267c4d64";

The above line will find the paste we want to delete and perform the deletion.

If you want to see the structure of the pastes table issue the following: SHOW COLUMNS FROM `pastes`;

Type exit to exit the MySQL console.

This post is also available in: Greek

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