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Mastering Desktop Zoom: A Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts on GNOME

In today’s fast-paced digital world, accessibility features are vital in empowering users with different abilities. One such feature is desktop zoom, which allows users to magnify their screen content for better visibility. GNOME, a popular desktop environment for Linux, offers a convenient way to activate and utilize desktop zoom through keyboard shortcuts. This blog post will explore how to make the most of these shortcuts and enhance your GNOME experience.

Activating Desktop Zoom via the Settings:

To activate desktop zoom on GNOME, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the GNOME Settings: Click on the “Activities” button in the screen’s top-left corner or press the “Super” key on your keyboard. Then type “Settings” and select the “Settings” application.

Step 2: Navigate to Accessibility Settings: In the GNOME Settings window, select the “Accessibility” category on the left sidebar.

Step 3: Enable Desktop Zoom: Within the Accessibility settings, locate the “Zoom” section. Toggle the switch to the “ON” position to activate desktop zoom.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Desktop Zoom:

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to control and customize your zoom experience:

  1. Toggle Zoom On/Off: Super + Alt + 8 Pressing the Super (Windows) key, Alt key, and the number 8 simultaneously will toggle the zoom functionality on or off.
  2. Zoom In: Super + Alt + plus (+) Pressing the Super key, Alt key, and the plus (+) key simultaneously will zoom in, magnifying the content on your screen.
  3. Zoom Out: Super + Alt + minus (-) Pressing the Super key, Alt key, and the minus (-) key simultaneously will zoom out, reducing the magnification of the screen content.
  4. Zoom Reset: Super + Alt + 0 Pressing the Super key, Alt key, and the number 0 simultaneously will reset the zoom level to its default state.
  5. Pan Around the Screen: Super + Alt + left-click and drag While zoomed in, holding down the Super key, Alt key, and left-clicking the mouse button while dragging will allow you to pan around the zoomed-in screen area.

Customizing Desktop Zoom Options:

If you wish to customize your desktop zoom experience further, you can access additional settings through the GNOME Settings application. Here, you can modify options such as zoom factor, mouse wheel behavior, and more to suit your preferences.


The keyboard shortcuts provided by GNOME for desktop zoom offer a convenient and efficient way to magnify your screen content. By activating and using these shortcuts, you can enhance your productivity and accessibility within the GNOME desktop environment. Explore additional customization options to tailor the desktop zoom feature to your needs. Embrace the power of keyboard shortcuts and take complete control of your GNOME experience.