Daily Archives: 17 January 2021

Using Nomenclature in TeXstudio

Recently, we were compiling a Latex document that was using the nomencl package to create a nomenclature list. The tool that we were using was TeXstudio. We noticed that the nomenclature was not in the final document and no error was generated to indicate so.

To fix the issue, we had to manually execute the makeindex command which would create the necessary meta-files. To avoid using a terminal each time we wanted to update the nomenclature, we defined a custom command in TeXstudio which would make the process a bit more easy for us.

In the following video you will see the following steps:

  1. Going to Options menu.
  2. From there selecting the Configure TeXstudio option.
  3. From the popup window, we switched to the Build tab by clicking on the appropriate button on the left side column.
  4. In the group User Commands we clicke on the + Add button which created a new entry for us.
  5. In the new entry we filled:
    1. The menu name of the command: user0: Make Nomenclature
    2. The actual command to build the files needed for the nomenclature: makeindex -s nomencl.ist -t %.nlg -o %.nls %.nlo
  6. Then we clicked on the OK button to close that window.
  7. To test that the command works as expected, we went to the Tools menu.
  8. From there to the sub-menu named User, where we found our new command listed as 1: Make Nomenclature.
    This command produced all files necessary for the makenomenclature command to work.
  9. Finally, we clicked on the Build & View button to verify that everything is OK.