Daily Archives: 3 November 2018

How to create a video from an audio file and an image using ffmpeg 1

Recently, we had this audio file ( mp3) that we wanted to upload to youtube.com. As it is known, youtube does not allow uploading audio files. Taking that into consideration we had to create a video with a static image just to upload the audio file to youtube. To do that, we used ffmpeg and the following command:

ffmpeg -loop 1 -i Saturday.png -i 20181020.mp3 -shortest -acodec copy 20181020.mp4;

How we concatenate multiple mp3 files into one using ffmpeg

Recently, we needed to concatenate multiple mp3 files into one. We had at our disposal a machine that had ffmpeg installed.
To perform the merge, we created a list (separated by the character |) of the mp3 files, in the order we wanted them merged and executed the concat operation of ffmpeg to complete our task. Our resulting command was the following

ffmpeg -i "concat:20181021_080743.MP3|20181021_090745.MP3|20181021_100745.MP3" -acodec copy 20181021.mp3