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HOWTO: Make Terminator Terminal Act Like Guake Terminal in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (The easy ways) 3

First way to make terminator toggle its visibility using the F12 key (like guake)

  • Start terminator
  • Right click anywhere in the terminal area and click on the Preferences option


  • In the new window, click on the Keybindings tab and scroll down until you find the line that has the following information:
    Name : hide_window
    Action : Toggle window visibility


  • Click on the Keybinding column (3rd column), the value will change to New accelerator..., hit the key combination you want to be used to toggle the visibility of terminator. If you want the same behavior as guake, hit F12. You will see that the value in the Keybinding column will change to F12.
  • Hit the close button to close the settings window.
  • In the terminal try the key you just set (e.g F12) to see if it works. If it doesn’t work and in the case of F12 writes on the terminal a ~, close terminator and re-open it for the changes to get applied.

Second way to make terminator toggle its visibility using the F12 key (like guake)

  • Create the folder tree ~/.config/terminator (maybe it exists already). Please note that the . in front of config is purposely there, it is the way to hide a folder.
  • In the folder create a file named config (the full path would be ~/.config/terminator/config) and put the following as content:
  hide_window = F12
      parent = window0
      type = Terminal
      parent = ""
      type = Window
  • Save the file and start terminator, pressing the F12 key should hide the terminal, pressing it once more should make it reappear.