Monthly Archives: April 2013

Install HPL on Ubuntu

tar -xvf hpl-2.1.tar.gz
mv hpl-2.1 hpl
cp Make.Linux_ATHLON_CBLAS hpl
sudo apt-get install build-essential libmpich1.0-dev libatlas-base-dev mpich-bin
cd hpl/
make arch=Linux_ATHLON_CBLAS

to view “like me” posts

About those annoying websites that will not allow you to view their content unless you click “like” on every article they have. Like me, you might not want to do that, because you might find out later that they do not really have the information you need, yet you already shared it.

A guide to avoid this situation (for a few sites at least, do the following for FireFox:

  1. view the source code (Ctrl+U)  of the page
  2. find something like $(‘#hide-me’).show();
  3. Type ctrl+shift+k and paste it there, then press enter
  4. Voila!

I hope it helps 🙂