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OpenSuse: Sudo Error: Cannot Connect to X Server 3

When you call a command like this:

sudo someCommand

and you get an error message saying Cannot Connect to X Server, while if you executed that command without the sudo it would execute properly, you can resolve this issue by replacing “sudo” with “xgd-su -u root -c” resulting the following command:

xgd-su -u root -c someCommand

xdg-su provides a graphical dialog that prompts the user for a password to run a command as another user.

Include more filetypes to a WordPress Installation Media Library

In the folder <Installation Path>/wp-includes/ there is a file called functions.php, inside this file there is a function called get_allowed_mime_types().
This function is in charge of defining an Array of mime types keyed by the file extension with a regex corresponding to those types.

So in order to add a new file-type to the white-list you just have to add a new line with the following format in the list:

'jpg|jpeg|jpe' => 'image/jpeg',

Where, on the left you define the extensions you want to be accepted separated by the vertical bar character (“|”) and on the right you give a file definition.

Bash: Read a file, line by line

The following script will accept from the keyboard a filename, later it will read it and process it line by line.
In this example we will just number the lines, print them and count the total number of lines in the file.

echo Enter the Filename to process
read filename
while read line
	lineNumber=`expr $lineNumber + 1`;
	echo $lineNumber - $line;
echo "Total Lines Number: $lineNumber";